Educational benefits :
Fine motorskills - Eye-Hand coordination - Matching to a pattern - Notions of over, under, ... - Creativity - Imagination.

Description :
Made of soft and flexible bars which can be connected to each other, with real turning wheels which can also be connected to the bars Tornikotor is the right product to learn or reinforce the very basic skills that are used throughout life.

Torigami includes playing cards printed on both sides with patterns each with a cartridge indicating the quantity of parts needed to complete the pattern.

Composition for one set :
This set is made of 24 pieces in 4 colours with playing cards for about 10 children playing simultaneously.
About 5 cm - 1.96 inches length : 4 blue bars , 4 red bars, 4 yellow bars, 4 green bars.
About 10 cm - 3.93 inches length : 2 blue bars , 2 red bars, 2 yellow bars, 2 green bars.
About 20 cm - 7;87 inches length : 1 blue bars , 1 red bars, 1 yellow bars, 1 green bars.
Wheels, diameter about 50 mm - 1.96 inches : 8 wheels +8 axles.
Playing cards, pinted both sides with 2D, 3D and step by step patterns.


Plastic tray


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  • Discovery:

    Children play free and discover the amazing bars which are flexible and can be assembled together and also on the wheels.


    Playing cards:

    Models in 2D and 3D with step by step patterns are available.